AntemetA ensures its customer their hosted data protection and privacy, by certifying ISO 27001 its Cloud services infrastructure.

ISO is an international standardization organization, the norms it develop are international relevant, innovative, meeting global issues and voluntarily applied by companies. Its 160 members are national standardization organization, like AFNOR international group, a standards association since 1926. It’s the organization chosen by AntemetA to ISO 27001 certify its Cloud services.

Defining Information Security Management System (ISMS) requirements, the ISO 27001 standard ensures security procedures implementation and the hosted customer information confidentiality.

In July 2015, the management system implemented by AntemetA was deemed comply with the ISO 27001 standard requirements by AFNOR Certification, for the activities of:

  • Storage, backup and recovery of data.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Provision and operation of Cloud Computing Solutions.
  • Assistance, operation and supervision in cybersecurity.

In order to keep the company in a continuous improvement process, the ISO 27001 certification is renewed every 3 years.


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