Reduce the size of your storage space and save on its energy consumption costs by defining a life cycle for your business data.

Prioritise your business data by importance



Clear your racks and archive with AntemetA!


Free up server space and optimise your IT budget by archiving data that you no longer use. Our experts have the skills level and partnership certifications needed to manipulate your data as part of a secure solution.

  • Automation of archiving rules.
  • Transparency of access.
  • Extensive research.
  • Optimisation of storage resources (on disk or tape drives).
  • Optimisation of back-up windows.
  • Auto-recovery of data.
  • Archiving of .PST or .NSF file types.
  • Access to data archived in offline mode.

Dynamic edit checks

Availability of a P.O.C platform (Proof of Concept) so you can rest assured that our solution works as described.

Compatibility checks

A testing platform for our Service Support and MOC teams enables us to recreate your IT environment and best address your data management problems.

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