Management and data security

Regain control and increase visibility into your unstructured data with Data Knowledge Services (DKS) solution. You will meet the data access security requirements and those imposed by the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR).

Influence on your unstructured data

By structuring your data, highlight risk treatment areas and establish, with a governor, remediation plans.

3 axes to organize your data

Identify all unstructured data within your information system, to ensure:

  • data life cycle analysis according to their age.
  • data classification by category and/oo criticability.
  • risks analysis and security breach detection on data and users / directories.

Identify and implement through your AntemetA governor, remediation, security and data protection plans.

  • Remediation plans definition.
  • Data life cycle organisation and protection level.
  • Personal confidential data securisation.
  • Registry enrichment in accordance with the GDPR requirements.

Find easily data that you want to return to an end user.

  • Quick personal data identification.
  • GDPR compliance.
  • Personal data return process simplification.

French & European regulations

Our DKS solution gives you concrete answers to the personal data processing GDPR requirements.


Through two separate audit services, we help you evaluate the compliance actions volume of structured and unstructured personal data, held by your company.

  • FLASH AUDIT, 15 questions to measure your Information System GDPR maturity.
  • A GIVEN TIME CARTOGRAPHY to evaluate your unstructured data volumetric importance.


ask a flash audit or a given time cartography


“valoriser les données non-structurées tout en respectant les enjeux de conformité des données personnelles”

(Re)trouvez l’intervention de Raphael FEDDAWI, notre spécialiste Data Management, lors de la conférence IDC “Compte à rebours GDPR, 5 étapes pour gérer vos données” du jeudi 14 septembre 2017 à Paris.   “Comment valoriser les données non-structurées…

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