Corporate Social Responsability (CSR)

AntemetA shows its commitment to sustainable development through its consistent CSR policy and tangible social and environmental initiatives.



AntemetA’s CSR plan doesn’t just aim to show our commitment to sustainability on issues of environmental protection and developing our social/societal dimension, but also when it comes to raising awareness among our stakeholders of the value and positive impact CSR generates for the environment and our local economy in the long term.




AntemetA’s CSR initiatives can be split into 4 separate categories: Environment, Social, Business Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.

  • Construction of an innovative and environmentally-friendly building: built in 2011, AntemetA’s new headquarters is HEQ (High Environmental Quality) certified and LCB (Low Consumption Building) compliant. The building is disabled-accessible and keeps energy consumption down with its rainwater catchment basin and heat pump system.
  • Waste management programme: separate rubbish collection whereby waste is disposed of according to its type and deposited in appropriate receptacles. AntemetA relies on IB REMARKETING, a specialist IT equipment salvage and recycling company, to help it recycle its unwanted IT equipment.
  • Selection of suppliers and partners committed to sustainability: every single one of AntemetA’s suppliers and strategic partners integrates forward-thinking CSR policies and technologies that optimise the way resources are used.


  • Signatory of the Diversity Charter: in signing the Diversity Charter, we commit to fighting against discrimination in all its forms and guarantee that respect for diversity is promoted among our employees.




According to the INSEE, ‘Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be defined as companies working voluntarily on issues of sustainable development, both in their business operations and in their interactions with stakeholders*. It can be split into 3 categories: environmental, social and societal, the latter of which concerns the company’s relationships with its partners (particularly its commercial ones) viewed through the prism of sustainable development’.

*stakeholders include all types of actors with some sort of interest in the company’s activities (internal: employees, shareholders – external: clients, suppliers, competitors, public authorities, investors, associations, citizens). Source: INSEE.


By integrating social and environmental concerns into our corporate strategies and business operations.

This might include, for example, the overall health of supply and subcontracting chains, employee well-being, the company’s environmental footprint, etc.


AntemetA’s CSR policy was developed on the basis of various initiatives concerning our strategy, our solutions, our services and every single one of our employees. It demonstrates the genuine, voluntary commitment the company has made to being environmentally and socially responsible.

CSR is part of our culture and the sustainable development dimension is always a consideration when making key business decisions that impact our technology, solutions, partners, service providers and employees, whether it be directly or indirectly.

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