Networking, security & telecommunications

An agile network that can provide the top-quality service required for the movement of your information through our secure infrastructure solutions.



Our experts administrate your architectures using WAN, SAN, LAN and SDN networking to ensure high traffic quality is maintained between different machines and sites.


Access to your Cloud infrastructure through a network adapted to your needs and uses.

  • ACCESS VIA a dedicated PRIVATE MPLS or “BLACK FIBRE” LINE: your line will be yours alone and you will manage all protocols and bit rates.
  • ACCESS VIA THE INTERNET through a IPVPN tunnel: a dedicated virtual firewall will ensure your connection is secure.

We protect your network flows to guard against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats that might harm your company.

  • LOAD BALANCERS will distribute your most important workloads across the servers.
  • FIREWALL with 3 filtering levels which will define access zones according to usage.
  • PROXY used as an intermediary to execute internet requests in place of your servers and applications.


AntemetA is part of the Réseaux IP Européens (European IP Networks) forum, which enables us to provide you with public IP addresses.

Our datacenter space INTERNET ACCESS

Enjoy an excellent internet bit rate for all your users’ web uses.

  • Direct connection of your infrastructure to the datacentre via a private line.
  • Large number of telecoms operators in the datacentres.
  • Reduced number of intermediaries on your internet line.


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