Cookies policy

This “Cookies Policy” purpose is to inform you and respond to the requirements set forth in the amended Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation regarding the use of cookies collected by Antemeta on its website

1. Generalities

You are informed that during your visits to Antemeta websites and other of its digital spaces, cookies may be installed on your equipment (computer, tablet or smartphone). This policy outlines the essential elements of how we use cookies. It also allows to specify the rights that are yours.

This Cookies Policy is an informational document. It does not need to be accepted, it is up to you to read it.
This policy is applicable by the mere fact of its publication on this website. The latest online version takes precedence over all others. It may be modified or adjusted at any time in the event of legal developments, jurisprudence, decisions and recommendations of the CNIL or uses.

If you have any questions about this Cookies Policy, contact us: Antemeta / Data Protection Officer, 5 rue Jacqueline Auriol, 78280, Guyancourt, France or by email

You can also consult our personal data protection policy by making a request to our DPO by email

For more general information on the personal data protection, you can visit the CNIL website


On a legal level, “cookies” are “any action tending to access, by electronic transmission, information already stored in its electronic communications equipment, or to register information in this equipment”.

On a technical and functional level there are 4 cookies types:

  • Technical or functional cookies are necessary for the website or the services proper functioning. They respond to your action on the website, necessary for the services use or content access. These cookies may, for example, collect technical statistics to monitor the service proper functioning, identify and / or remedy technical problems and ensure the website security.
  • Identification or personalization cookies allow us to better know and recognize you when you’re back on our website. These cookies improve the user experience quality and speed by optimizing the ergonomics of the digital environment or the various features offered (pre-filling fields at each visit, default language, user preferences reminder, services adaptation to each user).
  • Analytics, statistics and performance cookies enable us to perform various measures: number of visitors, pages seen, number of social networks sharing, number of daily connections, connected profiles, most frequent time slots etc.
  • Advertising or targeting cookies record data to control advertisements display with user respect (we do not use any advertising device of this type).

There are many untruths around cookies. Cookies are not trackers that allow us to collect mass, personal or critical information or to access corporate secrets.


Cookies settled during your visit on website are the following:

  • visit statistics (user ID, sessions, page views, duration…)
  • demographic statistics (language, country, city, age, gender…)
  • system statistics (browser, operating system, ISP, devices…)


Collected data access by the company, through cookies, is limited:


  • communication / marketing management
  • information systems management and CISO
  • general management
  • other business management as needed


  • Technical service providers (for example, publisher or website creator)


In summary you have two rights:

  • to consent to the use, according to the cookies used
  • to disable all or part of the cookies

These rights are set out in Article 32 II of the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978.


The user consent is not necessary for so-called “essential” cookies, when they are necessary for the digital environment proper functioning (these are technical use cookies). We give you the opportunity to disable these cookies, however we inform you that your experience and comfort when using the site may be damaged.

Conversely, your consent is required for cookies:

  • related to audience measurement operations
  • generated by social networks sharing buttons

Consent is therefore required for any cookie allowing to study the user behaviour.

This consent is formalized by:

  • an information banner
  • an acceptance button on said banner
  • the link click possibility that allows you to read this entirety policy
  • the link click possibility that allows you to change your cookies use preferences


You can change your cookies preferences by going to the website footer and clicking on “Cookies preferences”.

Similarly, you can set your web browser to accept or reject cookies. Most web browsers accept cookies by default. But they also allow to accept or refuse all cookies or even select precisely those that the user wants to keep.

We inform you that your browser setting to refuse or restrict a particular cookie can have two important consequences:

  • service, page or content access limitation or restriction
  • customer experience deficit (obligation to retype the same information several times for example)

PRECISION: We cannot be more specific about disabling cookies consequences because it depends on the disabled cookies and the deactivation type made by the user.

We also draw your attention to the fact that when you object to cookies installation or use, a refusal cookie may be installed on your device. When deleting this cookie, it will no longer be possible to identify you as having refused the use of cookies. Similarly, when you consent to cookies installation, a consent cookie is installed.


Antemeta respects the CNIL conservation and duration terms requirements.

By continuing your browsing, you accept the deposit and use of cookies for the web site operation, visits statistics and social networks sharing. At any time you can change your setup by clicking on Cookies settings in the website footer.

I agree

Set your cookies

To ensure optimal navigation we use several cookies types. You can choose to disable them. These changes are valid only on the equipment and browser currently in use.


Allow deposit and reading of operating cookies to let me enjoy the website ergonomic, the language preferences and the browsing security.


Allow deposit and reading of statistics cookies to let AntemetA track website traffic and improve the service quality.

Social networks

Allow deposit and reading of social network cookies to let me share content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube.