Optimise your IT infrastructure costs, increase your available physical space and reduce your energy consumption by virtualising your servers, user stations, applications, network, etc.

Virtualise all or a portion of your datacentre


Here at AntemetA our IT infrastructure expertise goes back as far as 1995 and we have long since integrated the benefits associated with virtualisation:

  • SPEED through the limitation of service interruptions.
  • SECURITY through continuity and activity recovery mechanisms.
  • EFFICIENCY through ease and speed of application infrastructure deployment.
  • PERFORMANCE through automation and resources management.
  • SCALABILITY through versatility and upgrade simplification.
  • FLEXIBILITY through the potential shift towards Cloud Computing solutions.


Our experts are able to deal with any and all virtualisation issues you may have


  • Transforming of physical environments to virtual ones (P2V), as well as virtual to virtual (V2V) transformations.
  • Installing hypervisors (VMware, Hyper-V, KVM) to manage your virtualised environments.
  • Providing Maintenance in Operational Condition packages (MCO) for virtual platforms.
  • Transferring skills (AntemetA is a certified VMware training centre).


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