With the help of suitable measurable indicators and tools (KPI, SLA, etc.), you can benefit from our expert skills to assist you in assessing the operational performance of services delivered to your customers/users.

Watch the ROI of your IS grow


Adopt an information Governance strategy in order to gain a comprehensive picture of what portion of your resources go to applications, servers and storage respectively.

IT governance strategy

AntemetA’s comprehensive approach to all the services it provides enables you to better direct your resources according to your needs and challenges.

Our team is on hand to help you govern


With a view to optimising the management of your Information System, AntemetA pledges to work with you to:

  • DEFINE the most relevant and valuable key indicators for each component of your Information System.
  • Technologically and functionally MAP your IT ecosystem to better understand your needs.
  • DRAFT a readable service agreement with no ambiguous clauses, allowing us to govern with total transparency.
  • STRATEGICALLY ASSIST your IT department to (re)define and implement your blueprint.

Good accounts make for good friends

What exactly is a services agreement?

This contract is drawn up jointly and defines the operational relationship between your IT department and AntemetA. It allows for the delegation of roles and duties, while also confirming the quality of services you can expect (SLA).

What happens if the SLA is broken?

In case of violation of the SLA (Service Level Agreement), AntemetA shall agree to pay penalties, as well as make technical and organisational improvements internally.

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