Networking and security

Networking and security have always played a leading role in data management. Needless to say, this is why AntemetA has developed the skills required to meet every single one of your expectations.

Secure management of your network flows

Above and beyond the traditional equipment we provide, our expertise also includes security and application data flow management.


Our experts work in multiple fields


  • SDN: manage communication between your servers via the centralised network resources controller (virtualisation, orchestration).
  • SD-WAN: selection of WAN based on the criticality of your flows.
  • LAN (VXLAN): communication of your servers and local network user stations via communication equipment (switches, routers, wifi) through either copper or fibre-optic wiring.
  • IP: services for communicating with your servers (DNS, NTP, DHCP, etc.).
  • WAN: communication between your telecommunications systems and your distant infrastructures through a wide area network.
  • MPLS over Internet: secure your inter-site access over the internet using a dedicated or shared telecommunications HUB.
  • Firewall: establish flow exchange rules for LANs and WANs.
  • VPN: secure your data when travelling across low-security networks, with connection authentication and flow encryption.
  • SAN: access your storage servers via a fibre network with FC (Fibre Channel) protocol.
  • iSCSI: access your storage servers via an IP-based network.
  • BGP and OSPF: routing protocol enabling the interconnection of independent entities (Autonomous System) or entities belonging to the same organisation.

Optimise your information exchanges

Optimal management of your data flows helps you to manage your costs!

From assisting during the project planning phase right the way to dealing with any network faults


Given the formative nature of our cloud business, our engineering teams are able to offer support and assistance in the development of your network architecture, as well as when it comes to security both internal and in our cloud.

  • AUDITING of your Information System/datacentre’s network architecture.
  • ADVICE for your optimisation/IT redesign projects.
  • INSTALLATION AND DEPLOYMENT of your new solutions.
  • SUPPORT & MCO (Maintenance in Operational Condition) of on-premises/cloud IT environments.


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