AntemetA’s Portal web platform is a unique customer-focused interface. This exclusive tool enables you to access all of your AntemetA services and is included in our Quality Assurance protocol.

Your services dashboard & ticket handling


Portal is a unique interface that enables you to access your subscribed AntemetA services, make service requests, report incidents and manage your staff’s administrative rights.

    Access your AntemetA services using a secure interface that is directly accessible over the internet.
    For all your service requests, see the entire AntemetA Cloud services catalogue.
    Create and track all your service requests and contract-related incident reports.


Portal is intended for customers covered by a Support contract and/or those who have subscribed to one of our Cloud Computing solutions.

  • DASHBOARD: track the status of your subscribed AntemetA Cloud services.
  • SERVICES: monitor the processing of your tickets and those of your staff.
  • OVERSIGHT: monitor your infrastructure probes.
  • STAFF MANAGEMENT: manage administrative authorisations.
  • “INCIDENT REPORT” TICKETS: create and track your requests with AntemetA Support using file transfer and exchanges archiving.
  • “SERVICE REQUEST” TICKETS: add components to your current infrastructure directly through Portal with the AntemetA Cloud catalogue (e.g. add a virtual machine, IP address, etc.).
  • CONCEPT: to develop the portal modularly, so that updates do not impact the browsing experience in any way.
  • COMPATIBLE BROWSERS: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera.
  • VERSATILITY: a simple, intuitive tool optimised for mobile devices.
  • SECURITY: double identification function available.
  • STANDARDS AND CERTIFICATIONS: the service forms part of our ISO 27001 range.

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