Platforms & solutions

With the help of our specific skills-set and turnkey solutions, AntemetA’s experts can guide you through the implementation, maintenance and renewal of your business applications and solutions.

Our experts know all about platforms, business applications…and everything in between

Here at AntemetA, we have developed our range of expertise around your business solutions by drawing on our extensive background and customer experiences. Whether you choose to host your data internally or with us, our team will always be there to advise you.


SAP expertise (SAP HANA, S/4HANA, etc.)


Whether you are an existing or prospective SAP client, our certified experts are with you every step of the way to ensure that data generated by your employees is managed effectively.

Take advantage of certified SAP platforms for your IT infrastructure and get SAP today:

  • our cloud option gives you the benefit of our top-class Managed Services, as well as a dynamic allocation of our resources for better management of your budget.
  • our on-premises solution comes with installation by our certified experts with the option of MOC as part of our Managed Services package.


Discover “SAP on demand”


Our team can provide expert training in the use of your business applications


At AntemetA we know that your employees’ usage habits change constantly, which is why we place such importance on training our experts to deal with the issues that matter to you.

Suggest a new area of application expertise

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