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AntemetA’s teams cover the whole of France and are organised into different service departments and centres of expertise. Every AntemetA technician works in conjunction with our 5 centres of expertise in order to respond to our customers’ needs as accurately and as quickly as possible.

AntemetA’s Management Committee is made up of the managers of the company’s various service departments and its task is to direct the company’s internal strategy.

  • Stéphane BLANC

    Stéphane BLANC

    Founding chairman

    A businessman’s grandson, Stéphane Blanc began his career at Thompson subsidiary Thomainfor (now Osiatis). The company specialised in brokerage and Gecos 6, 7 and 8 Mini Mainframe-compatible drives. During his time as a Business Unit director, he acquired a keen eye for market trends.

    On the back of this experience, he created AntemetA in 1995 with the belief that data storage systems would one day be integrated into the Information System’s core. His first challenge, which laid the foundations for AntemetA’s success, was to guarantee interoperability between the SAN Open and UNIX worlds (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Tru64).

    Stéphane Blanc has been at AntemetA’s helm for 20 years now and has always sought to retain the company’s close-knit family feel as it has grown bigger and bigger.



    Director of Research & Development

    Samuel Berthollier holds a Certificate IV in IT Networking from AICL, Sydney, NSW, and began his career at Hewlett Packard in Ireland before joining the AntemetA team in 2006.

    After working at AntemetA in various different roles including support staff, project manager and pre-sales, he was named Chief Technology Officer. His duties in this position included assuring the technical consistency of AntemetA’s offering and steering the Development team. This technical role enabled him to ensure the continuity and upgradeability of the ArcanA cloud’s architecture.

  • Pierre-Yves BOUCHARD

    Pierre-Yves BOUCHARD

    Front office and Customer Service Manager

    He is an engineering graduate specialised in “Computer Engineering” and has worked in the world of IT Production for over 25 years.

    Having been Director of IT Operations at Allianz Global Investors for 15 years, he then became Research Team Manager at ORSYP, where he conducted a study into IT Production performance benchmarks.

    He joined AntemetA in 2014 as Front office Manager with the aim of building a Customer Service department that unites all the different customer support branches, from Maintenance or Software Support all the way to the AntemetA Cloud’s Managed Services.

  • Charlotte DAVIAU

    Charlotte DAVIAU

    Human Resources Manager

    Having graduated from UVSQ (University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines), Charlotte DAVIAU started her career with AntemetA in November 2006 in the role of ADV Manager.

    In 2007, following a surge in staff numbers, she took it upon herself to create AntemetA’s Human Resources department. She helped to develop it and then later took over as Manager of all its activities in 2011. Her non-specialised profile enabled her to devise AntemetA’s recruitment strategy, while simultaneously introducing FJSM (Forward Jobs and Skills Management), whose primary objective was to bring in the Human Capital needed to grow the company, while preserving its familiar social atmosphere.

  • Claude DAVIAU

    Claude DAVIAU

    Organisation and Performance Manager

    Having graduated from CNAM with a degree in “Systems and organisations development”, he worked as an IT Manager until 2000. He then changed career paths and became an Organisation Consultant, working in various Capgemini offices.

    He joined AntemetA in 2016 as our Organisation and Performance manager with the goal of providing all departments with opportunities for progress encompassing a variety of different avenues, such as internal performance and customer satisfaction. He currently assists the department with the implementation and moderation of organisational upgrades. In addition to this, he also heads up managed services’ production tools division.

  • Thierry FLORIANI

    Thierry FLORIANI

    CISO and Cyber-Security Manager

    Après avoir dirigé le Bureau de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Informations et de Communication de l’Armée de l’Air, Thierry Floriani occupe pendant quatre ans le poste de Directeur Projet Défense chez Thales, où il a notamment en charge le Business développement autour des systèmes d’informations critiques dans la Défense. En 2007, il rejoint GCSS en tant que Directeur technique afin de développer et d’opérer un centre de recherche dédié à la sécurité de l’information. En Janvier 2013, il est nommé RSSI de Numergy où il développe un SOC permettant de lutter contre la cybercriminalité.

    Thierry Floriani intègre AntemetA en 2015 au poste de RSSI. Son rôle est de développer l’offre Cyber-Sécurité et de continuer la démarche d’amélioration continue mise en place par l’obtention de la certification ISO 27001, afin d’offrir un plus haut niveau de sécurité sur la plateforme AntemetA.

  • Etienne LECOQ

    Etienne LECOQ

    Sales Manager

    Having graduated from ESTA (Ecole Supérieure des Technologies et des Affaires), Etienne LECOQ began his career and NEC Computers (later BULL), where he worked as part of the Storage division.

    He joined AntemetA in 2006 and was given the task of managing our marketing and communications activities. And with AntemetA representing some fifty people, it’s only right that it should operate efficiently. In 2009, he became a sales engineer and built a customer portfolio that some 5 years later would be worth several million euros. In 2013, he took over the management of our Regional Sales department (the EAST branch office was relocated to Metz and a SOUTH-EAST office created). In mid-2014, his duties were extended to cover the entirety of the group’s sales operations. His goal was clear: make the organisation more dynamic and bring in adequate dashboards with a view to building solid and predictable growth.

  • Pascal MIROCHA

    Pascal MIROCHA

    Financial and Administrative Manager

    Pascal Mirocha is a University of Paris VIII graduate and member of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce of Industry with extensive experience in the role of Financial and Administrative Manager. He has worked in a diverse mix of international groups including Datacolour International (Colorometry), Celio (Prêt-à-porter menswear distribution), Cardinal Health (Medical), and Hémarina (Biotechnology), both in France and abroad.

    He joined AntemetA in 2014 as our Financial and Administrative Manager with the objective of aiding the business’s development and optimising its growth, while simultaneously working to implement its administrative, financial and information systems strategy.



    Technical Director

    He is a qualified Senior Technician specialised in “Management Computing” (ESIG Rennes) who has worked in IT Delivery since 1989.

    As SQLI’s Manager of Projects of 11 years, his primary areas of focus were deployment and the improvement of the company’s CMMI methodology.

    He joined AntemetA in 2013 as our Professional Services Manager with a view to bringing his management and Delivery organisation experience and applying it first to AntemetA’s Managed Cloud Services and then eventually to every single one of the company’s Projects. At the end of 2016, he took charge of the entire technical staff. His goal was to guide and unite all of AntemetA’s various teams behind IT revolutions happening now and those to come, while motivating staff to work towards the continuous improvement of procedures and processes.


The AntemetA Board, which is made up of external stakeholders, is in charge of any decisions concerning the development and growth of the business.

  • Stéphane BLANC, AntemetA founding chairman
  • Patrice ARZILLIER
  • David SCOTT, Independent Board Director

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