Security Operations Center

Bringing together high-performance hardware, proven processes and a team of cyber security experts, the AntemetA Security Operations Center (SOC) ensures the application of the security policy against vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks.


Detect vulnerabilitieS & cyber attacks with a new generation SOC

To answer protection and data confidentiality needs required by our customers, AntemetA has build a SOC (called CS2) in 2015 to secure our data.

technologies and humans skills
associated for an efficient SOC

For an effective cyber protection, the SOC tools correlate and analyze multiple log sources:

  • firewall
  • IDS / IPS
  • network
  • WiFi
  • access control
  • anti-malware

Various logs collected by the SOC are reported in the AntemetA SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), which is composed of several powerful analysis tools:

  • APT detection service.
  • vulnerabilities management tool.
  • compliance check tool.
  • log correlation service.
  • behavioral analysis service.

A cyber security specialists team manages detection, vulnerability and compliance technologies settled up. Alerts are processed by our SOC experts who:

  • analyze correlated data.
  • qualify alerts issued by the SIEM.
  • help your employees in the remediation of vulnerabilities and attacks.

Real conditions test

Tested and approved on our own equipment, the AntemetA SOC can be settled at your place since 2016!

CS2: AntemetA managed soc


As cloud and on-premises services provider company, the AntemetA SOC can be delivered by many ways depending on your needs:

  • MUTUALIZED SOC ON AntemetA CLOUD, in order to rationalize the costs, to benefit of efficient technologies and of specific skills.
  • MUTUALIZED SOC ON DEDICATED CLOUD, your logs are transferred from your dedicated cloud to AntemetA mutualized SOC.
  • ON-PREMISES DEDICATED SOC, we provide all the equipments you need to settle a SOC at your place.


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