Our Customer Service team can help you carry out preventative maintenance of your cloud infrastructures, as well as on-site maintenance of all hardware and software products provided by AntemetA.

24/7 Maintenance in Operational Condition


AntemetA puts only its best trained and certified expert technicians in charge of the support of your equipment, whether it is hosted in AntemetA’s cloud or internally with you.

AntemetA’s service quality

    AntemetA’s customer service department is on hand 24/7 to respond to any support & maintenance queries you may have.
    In the event of a failure, we stock replacement parts for all generations of machines.
    We have technical teams spread out across the length and breadth of the country to guarantee a rapid response.

Equipment tests

Dedicated infrastructures (benches and tests) enable us to reproduce almost any incident imaginable and find the best solutions quickly.

While your query is being handled, you will be assigned a dedicated expert who will:

  • MANAGE EXCHANGES with manufacturers/vendors who provided your equipment.
  • IMPLEMENT recurrent preventative maintenance action.
  • SCHEDULE INTERVENTIONS on site when a problem requires such action.
  • ACCEPT THE RESPONSABILITY TO TRACK your incident from the moment it arises to its resolution.


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