Learn more about the 10 cloud commitments that do not make fun of you, by downloading our illustrated guide!

  1. #Proximity: to improve your IT service’s flexibility, you are looking for a public cloud offer.
  2. #European Law: to anticipate the new European laws (GDPR), you must ensure that the data you create
    and host meet the legislation.
  3. #Resilience: to limit the time, support, and maintenance investment, you decide to move a critical
    application to a public cloud.
  4. #Simplicity: your developers now need to create a VM!
  5. #Services: after creating several VMs, your developer realises he always installs the same application, an operation that could be
  6. #Adaptability: for norms and security reasons, you must keep your sensitive applications on-premises. But to facilitate their usage,
    you need to modernize the infrastructures they are installed on.
  7. #Agility: to arbitrate between your various usages, costs, risks… to make it short, not to put all your eggs in one basket, you need
    to diversify your cloud providers.
  8. #Security: hackers have decided to pick on you and target your provider!
  9. #Transparency: it’s the end of the month and you get your cloud provider’s bill!
  10. #Freedom: for business reasons, you want to move some data that was hosted by a cloud provider





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