In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be imposed on all companies.

As Cloud provider and on-premises services company, AntemetA is particularly affected by this European reform and is aware of the compliance challenge that represents for itself and its customers.

Already in a security and reliability process of its solutions (Hexatrust member and ISO 27001 certified cloud services), AntemetA has mobilized its teams on GDPR topic. Since its adoption, the common goal is: be “GDPR ready” on May 25 of 2018, for the company, but also and especially for the customers it host. To do so, several solutions have been put in place around AntemetA infrastructures, such as a SOC, a Bastion, but also by the compliance request of its suppliers.

To help its clients comply with this new regulation, AntemetA has done meticulous solutions research and testing that respond simply and qualitatively to the new standards. Through these actions, a process combining structured and unstructured personal data mapping, management and search has emerged.

Small and Medium Enterprises GDPR compliance

To support its customers in this long-term project with a strong impact on IT services, the “Data Knowledge Services” offer has been created:

  • Audit: client company GDPR level maturity diagnosis.
  • DPO aaS: regulations compliance monitoring with a Data Protection Delegate on request.
  • Unstructured data mastering: mapping, management and search managed service for unstructured data.


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