AntemetA's managed back-ups offer, Backup Cloud Services, enables you to focus on the main stakes for you; the stakes involved in your lines of business.

Cloud security
Cloud backup outsourcing
Backups are now carried out by experts who guarantee you an optimal service level without you having to worry about this.

You achieve gains in terms of security and flexibility, whilst at the same time keeping a cap on your costs.

The challenge: To guarantee the integral nature of your data

IT divisions have to face up to numerous challenges. Processing an ever-increasing volume of data has a major impact on the reliability of back-up processes.

Administrators have to spend many hours on administrative tasks to the detriment of business projects. According to a 2012 Symantec study, fewer than 20% of enterprises ensure proper back-ups of their data every day.

Furthermore, the data saved are not outsourced regularly or involve very time-consuming management of storage tapes, making recovery in the event of a major crash a long-winded, complex or even impossible project.

managed backup tv screenThe solution: The AntemetA managed back-ups offer

The AntemetA managed backups solution, Backup Cloud Services, frees you from all the tasks relating to the administration and day-to-day operation of your infrastructure for back-ups and restoring. This turnkey offer incorporates software licences, storage spaces at your site, as well as the operations service.

Moreover, we offer you a service for outsourcing your data to one of our Tier3+ or Tier4 certified
data centres. You are invoiced based on your usage, according to the volume of data that you back up. Thanks to the AntemetA managed backups offer, you only pay for what you consume, thereby freeing up your investment capacities for projects involving greater stakes for your business.

Management of your backups is assigned to experts

Our expert technicians are fully trained in operating your back-ups processes. We use Veritas NetBackup, the leading solution on the market. Under the framework of the managed back-ups service, our teams take care of all of the tasks from our operations centre (NOC) [link]. You receive daily reports on the status of your back-ups and lodge your restore requests, which we will deal with immediately.We take into account all of your backups policies, whether at your main site or your various agencies in France or abroad. Our teams are responsible for over 900 sites worldwide, representing thousands of server backups every day.

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