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STOREFile is an innovative product offering, allowing you to unify your HP 3PAR Storage with the revolutionary Windows 2012 Server Operating System. Take advantage of unique features based on advanced technology solutions, available in single node or cluster architecture. STOREFile software enables you to easily manage your bloc and file resources from a single and easy interface. With its extra layer of reporting on your unstructured data, STOREFile helps you evaluate system performance and make necessary modifications at the appropriate time.

With the implementation of SMB 3.0 in Windows 2012 Server, your NAS system provides outstanding performance and scalability for your Windows clients, unmatched by other filers. Additionally, WS2012 offers the latest storage optimizations (UNMAP, XCOPY), allowing your filer to be thinner (“thin persistence”) and more efficient. For the first time, Windows natively integrates a powerful block level deduplication engine that enables your NAS to store user’s files more efficiently.

Unifed storage optimised for small business

STOREFile relies on Windows Server 2012 to integrate the enhanced security features of the new OS. The new file serving protocol SMB 3.0 brings end-to-end data encryption using Windows 8 clients, while Bit Locker offers an industry adopted enterprise class disk encryption feature. The latest Windows Server release also includes an integration of NFS v4, a largely improved file sharing protocol for Unix, providing improved ACL control and enhanced performance. The management of the business critical character of your files is also available by defining profiles applied at the file level.

The benefits

  • Simplifies administration and improves reporting on Windows shares and volumes
  • Delivers scale-out performance and high-availability through the integration of Microsoft Cluster or in virtualized environment
  • Leverages advanced NAS features, such as deduplication and file restoration

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