The development of your IT infrastructures is constantly changing.

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Effectively managing this growth poses a real challenge for enterprises, particularly as far as user stations are concerned. This leads to cumbersome processes that are expensive and which do not enable the flexibility required for corporate growth and to keep up with market developments.

Traditionally, management of work stations required more or less individual management of operating systems and applications that were often specific to each sector. Support for users involved a great deal of resources and time. Moreover, the information was not centralized, which often made backing up the enterprise's critical data either difficult or even impossible.

Nowadays, IT divisions must also face up to the stakes related to mobility and the use of personal devices for gaining access to corporate data.

Desktop as a Service: A response to the stakes involved in growth and mobility
The Desktop as a Service offer is the ideal solution for making the management of work stations simpler and more efficient. You can save over 20 % of the total ownership cost of your work stations thanks to the Desktop as a Service offer whilst centralizing management. You will save a great deal of time in resourcing the new station and the support. You will be able to deploy your applications from a single location, thereby facilitating the management of updates.

You will preserve the company's assets because the back-ups are centralized, with our teams, who are experts in Managed Back-ups, taking care of monitoring and reporting from our Operations Centre.

AntemetA's Desktop as a Service offer enables optimal use of your resources and enables your costs to be reduced. By centralizing and simplifying the management of user stations, you will obtain a competitive advantage which you can use to benefit your growth.

Our Desktop as a Service solution is based on leading technologies on the market which offer you the following improvements:
  • Agility and enhanced flexibility
  • Reduction of the overall ownership cost
  • Greater ease of deployment
  • Less costly to administer and maintain
  • Higher performance levels
  • Greater security
  • Centralized administration of the stations from any location
  • Quicker and simpler resourcing
  • Consolidation of back-ups
  • Dynamic Load Balancing
  • Resilient infrastructures
  • Simplified management of images

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