With Data Mover make your storage migration process simple and secure!

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Data Mover architecture

Solution brief

Refreshing the storage systems in your Datacenter can be challenging. Data Mover makes your storage migration process simple and secure.

Through a user-friendly interface, Data Mover offers the IT administrator the ability to setup the migration environment, and program the operation of data movement between the source and the destination array.

AntemetA’s experience in data migration between two different storage arrays has resulted in the creation of a proprietary appliance that safely migrates data with impressive performance.

Make complex migration process easy

Data migration has become a routine operation for IT providers, but it remains a complex issue. Workload balancing, technology refresh, server/storage consolidation, data center relocation, data classification and migration are all drivers to move data from one storage array to another. Transporting this data- then redirecting all I/O to the new storage array- is an inherently disruptive process.

In addition, with the increase of mission-critical data and high availability demands, downtime becomes unacceptable, due to its enormous impact on a company’s financial bottom line.

Fast and efficient solution

Data Mover is heterogeneous and supports data migrations across many storage arrays, manufactured by various vendor.

Data Mover offers high bandwidth (average of 1TB/h and up to 3TB/h), using low level SCSI commands. Our solution provides native checksumming, embedded within the SCSI protocol, making copy safe and reliable. The solution is non-signing on disks, so both the source and the destination volumes keep their integrity. Data Mover provides offline data copy to ensure non-differential copy of the disks.

As migration is one of the primary expenditures in the project delivery, Data Mover enables the user to reduce costs by spending less time moving data from your legacy storage to the new storage array. Furthermore, the licensing model is simple, with no limitation of migrated capacity per appliance.

As data migration is time-consuming, and business-critical processes require minimal application downtime, Data Mover provides multiple jobs scheduling options that optimize the use of SAN resources. In addition, the graphic user interface incorporates wizard-based operations and user level protection, making Data Mover simple to use.

With no limits in relation to volume of data- or number of migrations completed- Data Mover has been successfully utilized for many years by our technical team and most of the array of the market has been tested. The data migration is done at a bloc level, off line and requires Fiber Channel connectivity.

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